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Functional Fitness through 8 Weeks to Wellness®


By: Josh Williams

Trainer/Movement and Mobility Specialist

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the 8 Weeks to Wellness® program! As you know, the 8WW program consists of chiropractic care, massage work, nutrition counseling and workouts in the functional fitness center. We are going to focus on the FFC and physical activity side of the program (the best part if I may say so myself).

Included with the 8WW program is either 2 or 3 workouts per week in the FFC. In these hour-long sessions, we really put an emphasis on mobility and being able to move better and have the body feeling good during, and after a workout. The mobility consists of full body exercises to strengthen and relax muscles so that they can move freely and without pain. This work takes about 10-15 minutes, with a little extra here and there depending on how you feel that day, and should leave you feeling loose and warm, ready to start the workout!

A typical workout routine looks something like this: 10 minutes of steady fast pace activity to get the blood flowing and warm the body up, followed by the mobility work and addressing any concerns that may be going on that day. Next comes the fun part, the exercises! These consist of 3-5 exercises done in a circuit and repeated for rounds, building muscle and increasing endurance. After these exercises are completed, we go into cool down work. This could be either our posture prep exercises (help correct posture and realign the body after a workout) or light cardio to bring the heart rate back down, or light stretching.

Aside from the workouts in the FFC, with the program (and overall for good health) we want you to get 2-4 workouts on your own. They can be cardio or resistance training, but make sure you keep that heart rate elevated and push yourself! If you need tips on at home workouts or ideas to do outside the FFC, check our facebook page for fun new things to try and things to keep you engaged and active.

This is everything on the fitness side of things with the 8 Weeks to Wellness® program, the best way to start your healthy lifestyle journey!

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