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Inver Grove Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Inver Grove Heights Patients Say

At Inver Grove Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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The Best Decision

I have been going to Inver Grove Chiropractic now for three months and it was the best decision I made for chiropractic care. Dr. Ross and his staff are super friendly, great at what they do and are genuinely interested in me and my life. I love the clinic and people there. The atmosphere is super nice, relaxing and welcoming! I love to see the dogs Cooper and Boomer on my visits also.
~ Angie

Amazing Chiropractors

Dr. Ross and Dr. Amy are truly amazing chiropractors. They are genuine, they truly care, and they practice what they preach. They are truly meant to do what they do. I am so grateful that they are in Inver Grove Heights. If you are someone that likes to have an honest and common sense answer for what is wrong and how to fix it…then you need to give them a call. They tell it straight and have a very fair program for fixing the issues.
~ Jeff

Would Recommend to Anyone

This is the best place for health and healing. Dr. Ross, Dr. Amy, and Dr. Jake are all an amazing group of people. I would recommend anyone who is in this area to see these guys. You will be taken care of from the moment you walk into their clinic! Their 8 Weeks To Wellness Program is amazing. The docs truly practice what they preach and are very genuine. I would recommend them to anyone.
~ Maggie

The Best!

Dr. Ross and Dr. Amy are the best! They truly have a full wellness facility and they customize care to each individual. Our whole family gets care and it is all different. I have done their full 8 Weeks to Wellness program, my daughter no longer has headaches from getting adjusted, and my husband is under maintenance care. If you have any health issues I would recommend you give them a call!
~ Jennifer

Already Feeling Better

Dr. Jake and the team at Inver Grove Chiropractic are wonderful. I have been coming to Inver Grove for two weeks seeing Dr. Jake and Dr. Amy and am already feeling better. Dr. Jake took a whole appointment and explained to me what was wrong with my low back and how it wasn’t moving and what the plan was to get me out of pain. He made me feel like we were a team accomplishing my goals.
~ Karen

Finally Getting Sleep

I found Inver Grove Chiropractic through another Mom in my Mom’s group. My four month old had been colicky for the better part of two months and we took him down multiple avenues. After one adjustment from Dr. Ross, Colton slept for four hours that night, and more importantly so did my husband and myself. I wish we wouldn’t have waited so long to see a chiropractor.
~ Tammy

I Feel so Much Better

The environment at Inver Grove Chiropractic is unlike any I have experienced before at a chiropractic office. They function as a team and it seems like everyone I talk to is excited that I am at the office. They have music playing and a lot of energy which I think is party of the reason why I feel so much better.
~ Mark/em>

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