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Naomi Shares her Success

by: Naomi Hesse

I had a very active lifestyle growing up. My parents had me involved in several sports, dance classes, and swimming lessons, and on the weekend they’d take my brothers and me backpacking, hiking, or skiing; so being active and healthy was always a high priority in my household. That lifestyle has stuck with me as I left home, through college and living on my own I tried to maintain those habits and it was within that vein and through my curiosity that I became involved in chiropractic.

I had no experience with chiropractic care prior to coming to Inver Grove Chiropractic, but I was surprised to see from my X-rays that my spine (especially my neck) was in poor condition. Besides an occasional headache or trouble falling asleep, I had no symptoms to indicate anything wrong. However, you can clearly see in the first photo that I had lost the “normal” curve in my neck, and in fact, it was starting to develop a curve in the opposite direction.

Naomi X-ray

There have been endless studies into the effects of having a “reverse curve” and they all show numerous risks. It is clear that joints can only move correctly when the normal structure is present and the spinal cord will only function correctly when the joints are mobile. I know that it would only have been a matter of time before more severe problems would rise, and knowing my own tendency to downplay any issues I’m having, I’m sure I would have waited too long before seeking out treatments.

Note: Naomi has recently left work at Inver Grove Chiropractic to attend Chiropractic school in California. We all wish her the best!

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